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Leo Love and Relationships
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Key Dates:

The love you lose may be the love you could have had forever. Share your inner thoughts and personal endeavors rather than relying on emotions to attain what you desire. So if an idea pops, act on it?? On your next date get personal with your lover on a more intellectual level.

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You may be surprised at how close you both can become. Do not ignore the ones trying to get your attention.


Stay focused on sharing your ideals, personal aspects and deeper morals if you desire that deeper level of bonding. Regardless of your relationship status, you need someone who can engage your curious mind. But out of a sudden, this 2 days she started giving me cold shoulder.

My Today's Horoscope

I wanted to ask I love a person madly and I am planning to propose him to confess him on his birthday on 25th aug.. Yeah actually i am single but sll the guys I met have the what is mine is mine theory and tend to be selfish. Im a libra male. I found the relationship very hard from apl to sept And was very rude and not caring. Only wanted money from me.

Leo 12222 Love Horoscope

And I gave and gave to her. All her bad leo trates came out on me sad but true.

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  • Im in love with a pisces man.. She has some icky spell over him..

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    I hear she uses and abuses his wonderful sensative nature… peopke Iin my life including mediums tell me he is coming back to me.. I think he was about a week away from saying I love you… abd then she put her claws back in him..

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      Leo Monthly Horoscope Predictions For Love, Career, And Health

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      As you should -- you are a sign naturally connected to all of these areas and should always strive to exude your innate warmth, vitality, and creative spirit in the most generous way possible. In that will be extremely natural for you to do thanks in part to Jupiter's help. The planet of expansion and abundance will tour the area of your chart that is naturally aligned to your energy in the zodiac — the 5th house.

      This is the place where all pleasure is born.


      Today's Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

      In fact, it is the place where life is born, so if you are happily coupled already as the year begins, you and your sweetheart might be quite busy in the baby-making department. You might already be expecting a child! A Lunar Eclipse on January 21 in your sign will be the last one to pass over you for many years.