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Pisces Horoscope For Thursday, December 27,
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Pisces-born are known by their wisdom, but under the influence of Uranus, Pisces sometimes can take the role of a martyr, in order to catch the attention. Pisces are never judgmental and always forgiving.

They are also known to be most tolerant of all the zodiac signs. It is time to put Follow this flow instead of moving against it and dig through When you think about certain social norms that created an entire outline you are willing to share with They are very loyal, gentle and unconditionally generous to their partners.

Pisces are passionate lovers who have a need to feel a real connection with their partners. Short-term relationships and adventures are not peculiar to this zodiac sign. In love and relationship, they are blindly loyal and very caring. Gentle and caring, Pisces can be the best friends that may exist. In fact, they often put the needs of their friends in front of their needs.

They are loyal, devoted, compassionate and whenever there is some problem in the family or among friends, they will do their best to resolve it. Deeply intuitive, Pisces can sense if something is wrong, even before it happens. Pisces are expressive and they will not hesitate to express their feelings to the people around them. They expect others to be open to them as they are. Communication with loved ones is very important for them.

Intuitive and often dreamy, Pisces feel best in a position where their creative skills will come to the fore, even better if it's for charity. Occupations that fit Pisces are: attorney, architect, veterinarian, musician, social worker and game designer. Inspired by the need to make changes in the lives of others, they are willing to help even if that means to go beyond the boundaries.

This zodiac sign is compassionate, hard-working, dedicated and reliable. Pisces-born can be great at solving problems. They are usually more focused on their dreams and goals, but they will try to make enough money to achieve their goals. In this area, there can be two sides of the Pisces - on one hand, they will spend a lot of money with little thought, while on the other hand they can become quite stingy. Yet, in the end, there will always be enough money for a normal life. Romance rules the world of the Pisces men. The man born under the Pisces astrology sign lives to please and love.

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Horoscop zilnic pisces azi dragoste

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horoscop acvaria capricornn azi

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Horoscop azi pisces

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Voltaj - ZodiaZ (RO > ENG)

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For once, listen to your intuition, you will not regret it! In love, things are not great, you are overcome with melancholy and sadness. Other men will court you, but you will not answer, is it shyness or pride? If you are single, this year, you will do everything to forget your romantic past, and you will be right because your thoughts directed towards this past prevent you from projecting yourself into the future. Finally, you can look straight ahead and you will see the future smiling upon you.

Financially, slow and steady wins the race slowly but surely.

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You will need to prove your managerial skills. Personal opportunities for Pisces: This year you need to be true to yourself and follow some unique ideas you have as for your life to remain the same can only lead to you taking some rebellious action mid-year. From mid January until mid March you have many planets to assist you in new areas of your life — you are supported and feel that this is your time to promote your ideas. Those born February will find their lives most affected by change this year.

Personal limitations for Pisces: Until May you may feel some limits are placed on you by your obligations to others, as there are many promises but no actual action in these areas. You could use this time to finish some long-term study or conclude some legal matter between you and others. This shows improvement from early in the year when offers and opportunities come in to increase this area.

You may feel that some joint partnerships are taking more than giving back until May, but patience will pay off around August and September when you get the reward from these other people. Late July to late September opens up a period for joint affairs and legal matters.

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This is probably the most exciting year for you to meet a new love or form new friendships than for many years. You can find that those who are from a different cultural background, from another country, or those who live some distance away bring the most benefit. Some old relationships may just fall away out of your life though mid-year when you have to move on.

October brings old friends and lovers back into your present life. This can change because you want to know be your own boss, or have more freedom in this area. Some may even find that they no longer work in the same way, but they stay working for the same company, maybe as a freelance operator of some type.